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The rotating pictures to the right and the web site's background are computer renderings of the house and shop that we are building. All the design and custom architecture was in the works for over 10 years. We designed the entire house and shop ourselves. More renderings and floor plans are in the Picture area. The build has been slow but it has all been completed by us, family & friends.



Your weather just got better.


Omega Development's Shop Live Web Security Cams

Use the name "demo" and the password "demo" Click here ---->>>"http://shop_security/" In the third box select your Internet connection speed, try "LAN" first. After a successful login select the box at the bottom with 4 little squares to view both cameras. The connection will last 10 min then it will log you out. Camera #1 looks East towards our drive and Camera #2 looks South. If you blow camera 2 to full screen you should be able to see movement on the busy street and or the shopping center to the right.

These cameras are live and recorded 24hr - 7. Although I have more than 8 cameras the Demo only shows 2. I can help with all the necessary equipment and software to setup your own security system for your house or business viewable from anywhere with Internet. There is software available for Android smart phones to view the same cameras.


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